The Brew

Payoff asked me to concept and then project-manage a monthly video series, which we called The Brew. Our marketing department made four episodes total. 

Some of the goals included sharing Payoff's company culture, entertaining and educating viewers, and humanizing Payoff in a way that was personable, totally unpretentious and sometimes even a little silly — basically, the complete opposite of what most people think of when they picture a finance company.

Fun fact: We named the video series (The Brew) and the newsletter (The Blend) with coffee references in mind since coffee was a big component of the company culture.

I contributed to every episode in the shape of concepting, writing and performance. 

Additional team members who made The Brew possible included Mark Anderson, Andrew Gauer, Josh Hemsley, Patrick Long, Kirsten Saharek, Brandon Wall and Patrick Yandoc.