The Blend

The Blend is a newsletter Payoff asked me to create and launch. Some of the regular goals included promoting Payoff's financial wellness assessment, sharing financial tips and resources, humanizing the Payoff brand, growing our database of email addresses and distributing/repurposing content.

Fun fact: We named the newsletter (The Blend) and the video series (The Brew) with coffee references in mind since coffee was a big component of the company culture.

The copywriter I managed did the bulk of the first drafts. Then I copy edited every edition, did any rewrites where necessary, and sourced images. Next I built the edition in Marketo (formatting, hyperlinking, tracking URLs, etc.), scheduled it for deployment and published a version to Payoff Life. Editions went out every other week.

I also worked with the social media manager to inform our promotion strategy. And I reviewed the analytics to optimize future open rates and engagement — one of my favorite aspects of working on the newsletter, second only to coming up with the content each week and doing creative writing and editing on each edition.